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Top-10 of the most expensive football teams in the world

Forbes estimated the value of football teams in the world - Manchester United have traditionally headed the list. Manchester United (estimated cost - $ 2.24 billion) is in the first position of the list since Forbes calculates the ranking of sports teams (since 2004). Los Blancos  Real Madrid ($ 1.88 billion) follows after Red Devils. Barcelona ($ 1.31 billion), has shifted this year from third place Arsenal. The twenty richest football teams in the world includes only clubs from the Old World: 6 English clubs, 5 Italian, 4 German, 3 Spanish and 2 French. Forbes presents the top ten.

Manchester United
Pictured: Wayne Rooney
Valuation: $ 2.235 billion (+20%)
Country: England
Owner: Glazer family
Revenue: $ 532 million
Profit $ 178 million
The most expensive team in all sports in the world. An impressive list of athletic accomplishments: 19 victories in the Premier League and a great chance to win this year. Last year the team received from the UEFA $ 80 million for reaching the the Champions League final (losing to Barcelona). This year, has taken off out of the pot at an earlier stage of the tournament.

Real Madrid
Pictured: Cristiano Ronaldo
Valuation: $ 1.877 million (+29%)
Country: Spain
Owner: Club members (socios)
Revenue: $ 695,000,000
Income: $ 214 million
The most profitable, not only football, but sports team in the world with an operating profit for 2011 - $ 214 million ($ 36 million more than the second team for this indicator - Manchester United). For the semi-finals of the Champions League last year, the club received a $ 59 million and has already reached the semifinals this year. The team under the leadership of Jose Mourinho is also an excellent chance to win a championship in Spain, after several years of domination of Barcelona.

Pictured: Lionel Messi
Valuation: $ 1.307 billion (+34%)
Country: Spain
Owner: Club members (socios)
Revenue: $ 653,000,000
Income: $ 96,000,000
Winning team in the Champions League in 2011, attacking style of play and great goals of Lionel Messi helped Barcelona to get the highest revenue from TV coverage in 2011 - $ 266 million team owns the largest stadium in Europe (99,400 spectators).

Pictured: Coach Arsene Wenger
Valuation: $ 1.292 billion (8%)
Country: England
Owner: Stan Kronke
Revenue: $ 364,000,000
Income: $ 98,000,000
For several years, the team is not winning trophies and achieves a current draw of the English Premier League goes to 3rd place. However, attacking style of play and the brightest players (Robin van Persie) attract fans.

Bayern Munich
Pictured: Frank Ribery
Valuation: $ 1.235 billion (+18%)
Country: Germany
Owner: Club members
Revenue: $ 466,000,000
Income: $ 90,000,000
Revenue from broadcasting in 2011 fell by 14% after the departure of the team in the 1/16 of the Champions League. The team rescued the company Adidas, which sponsors the club until 2019 and pays an average of $ 36 million per year. This year the club has played in the semifinals of the League and is on the 2nd place in the championship in Germany.

AC Milan
In the photo: the club's owner Silvio Berlusconi
Valuation: $ 989,000,000 (+18%)
Country: Italy
Owner: Silvio Berlusconi
Revenue: $ 341,000,000
Income: $ 29 million
The most expensive Italian football team. Won the Scudetto last year. Claim victory in the championship in Italy, but flew out of the Champions League in 2012 already in the quarter finals. Sponsorship deals with Audi, Sky Italia, Taci Oil and Emirates brought the team in 2011, $ 133 million.

In the photo: team owner Roman Abramovich
Valuation: $ 761,000,000 (16%)
Country: England
Owner: Roman Abramovich
Revenue: $ 362,000,000
Income: $ 76,000,000
Chelsea plays in the semifinals of the Champions League, and is the only chance to win a trophy this year. In the English Premier League club fights for only the 4th place, which gives the right to act in the Champions League next year. Club owner Roman Abramovich in the past year has reduced the cost of a team by 11%.

Pictured: Steven Gerarrd
Valuation: $ 619,000,000 (12%)
Country: England
Owner: John Henry, Tom Werner
Revenue: $ 295,000,000
Income: $ 45,000,000
Sporting achievements of the celebrated team of more than modest: while the club takes the 8th place in the Premier League and has no chance of getting into the Champions League next year.

Valuation: $ 591 million (-8%)
Country: Italy
Owner: Agnelli family
Revenue: $ 223,000,000
Income: $ 38,000,000
Juventus are still on the 2nd place in the championship in Italy. Team sponsor - Nike - up to 2016 will pay the team for $ 18 million a year.

Schalke 04
Valuation: $ 587,000,000 (56%)
Country: Germany
Owner: Club members
Revenue: $ 293,000,000
Income: $ 101 million
Compared with 2010 revenues of the club in 2011 increased by 2 times. The team won the German Cup and reached the semifinals of the Champions League. This year the team is in 3rd place in the Bundesliga.

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