Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adidas "Comoequa" - the official ball of African Cup of Nations

Adidas and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) have presented a new public official ball of the Africa Cup of Nations, reports

"Comoequa" - is so named the official ball Africa Cup of Nations 2012. The name takes its origin from the rivers of Como, which passes through both cup host countries - Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, as well as across the equator which passes through the whole of Africa.

Adidas Comoequa has a bright yellow color, according to many journalists he was "saturated" of African culture, and it shows the flags and the hosts of the tournament.

Comoequa in design similar to Tango 12 (the official ball of Euro 2012). This is the third ball of Adidas which was released exclusively for the African Cup of Nations since 2008.

In addition to the design, Comoequa has a number of triangular panels are thermally bonded together to provide a true and stable flight path "shell." The ball is covered with a special texture that enhances stiffness at contact with the footwear at football and improves control of the ball in flight, also increases the retention of air and reducing water absorption.

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